Thursday, February 3, 2011

A little {Bump} in the Road...

Last Friday, (hours after the weigh-in) I fractured my radius and ulna at my wrist. Hold your pee, because I'm about to make you laugh.. I was running in place with my three year old on  black ice our carpet, and lost my footing... fell backwards hard on my hands. A lot of obscenities and a crying frightened preschooler; I managed to have my husband bring me to urgent care. After dealing with the referrals from Tricare, (serious pain in my toosh) and I believe every representative knows my birthdate by heart now.. I finally saw the ortho and got my cast on today. I humored the old guy, and asked for the new water proof cast (no such luck) and got stuck with boring white. I can finally type with my right middle finger, haha! So, please bare with me! Luckily, I will only have it for three weeks. :)

Life has gotten interesting:

1. I can't tie my hair up or my daughters
2. I haven't mastered changing my 17 month olds poopy diaper with my left hand. I am considering potty training, like now.
3. Can't chop vegetables.
4. Driving isn't an option.
5. I can't do the wave thing with both of your arms. (Thank you husband for putting that out there!)

I am seriously thinking of vlogging.

But, I can...

1. Go to the gym. I did get funny stares. C'mon people! My arm is broken, not my legs!!
2. Close the car door with my left hand, and put on my seat belt.
3. Pick up my standing toddler with my left arm. That takes skills, lol!

Other than that, I am a gimp. lol!

What did my prior service recruiter have to say about this? I should be good to go in a few months. I didn't have a gruesome fracture like the ones I googled. So, phew.

Anyone want to guest blog? Anything about health/fitness. Personal journeys are the best kind of stories! Just message me below! :)

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