Thursday, February 17, 2011

Last night at the gym... {and a giveaway!}

So, I went to my Wednesday night full body workout/cardio as per usual. If you are new to this blog, (which is still fairly new) I am on a 16 week weight loss fitness program at a gym. I am currently in week two of the program. I go Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I get weighed and measured every 4th week. So, that is why I am nolonger doing a weekly weigh-in. The trainers have incorporated a lot strength training that is building my floppy muscles, and it can affect the scales. So, with that being said... welcome to my journey! Oh, and I currently have a broken wrist since 3 weeks ago as of tomorrow.

Anywhoo, as part of my circuit training, I have to do the quad machine, and the hamstring machine. (That is what I call them, lol.) As I get off of the quad machine to do the hamstring machine, a woman jumped on. She looks at me, and goes, "do you want to get on?" I decided to be patient, and told her politely that I would wait. Then, she asks, "Does it hurt to work out with your broken arm?" I was like pshh.. this ole' thing.. (No, I really didn't say that, lol.) But, what I did say was: "No, my trainer doesn't have me working with my arms, so I am good."  About the time I said that, I looked up and saw her teenage daughter standing there. She was missing her right forearm! Completely took me off guard, because here I am talking about my arm to this girls mother, and she is missing a limb. (She was born without it.)

Bottomline, I might gripe and moan about my struggles with a broken wrist in a cast, but at least I know it will heal!

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  1. Well that puts things into perspective.

  2. Rox- I know!! When I first broke my wrist, I thought about quitting the program; but, then I was like, "I am not going to let this bump in the road stop me from my goals. :)