Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cast is off!

Thursday, I got the cast off. The ortho came out with this saw of doom, and you should've seen my wide eyes of horror as he cut through the cast. I was praying that he wouldn't somehow knick me, and magically, he didn't. phew. I was expecting this horrible sweaty stench and rotted skin, (sorry for the imagery, lol) but it was all fine! My poor arm look like it was from an alien. Super skinny, and just weird shaped. My range of motion is awful, and my wrist is still sprained. I didn't just get away with two broken bones, ugh. So, I have physical therapy three times a week, for three weeks, starting Monday. I am sure that I will have a lovely post about that one!

Last night ended week three on my 16 week fitness program!! I am starting to see a difference, especially in my waist. I carry out all my weight in my waist, because I have such a small freaking torso... literally. The bottom of my ribs actually meet the top of my hips. No space in between. I have to workout extra hard to lose the belly flub, and that darn muffin top, lol.

Photo from the Cheescake Factory

But, I am so excited that I am slimming down, and I am starting to feel great. Working out is turning into something that my body has been deeply craving for a while now. We went to the Cheesecake Factory yesterday, and I ordered the girls a childs grilled chicken and vegetables to split, and I seriously wanted their meal. It was the perfect portion size for an adult-- because we all know that their portions for a single meal could feed a family of four, lol. But, I ordered the lunch size portion of the Luau salad.. omg it was soo good. Just make sure you take off the giant fried wontons and have them put the dressing on the side--moderation, people! I honestly couldn't finish the whole thing, and it made me so full for the remainder of the day, that I didn't bother with dinner. Poor waitress, I had to tell her no cheesecake. :/ I really like cheesecake, but I am sure that I would be on the cardio all night if I had one. Bummer.

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  1. Sometimes I've ordered off the children's menu! You're right, our portions are out of control! I mean who really needs a 32 oz coke?
    Kudos for not eating the wontons... I don't know if I could've passed those up! :)