Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another Vibram Five Finger blog-- and gym update

So, my workout buddy and I were at the gym again yesterday. Poor girl was sick, but managed to pick me up and get our workout on. Just to let you know, I loathe gyms. Well, I loathe machines, which includes cardio machines. While in the Marine Corps, we mostly trained outside. I prefer being outside. So, I give her mad kudos because if it were me, I would be sitting on the couch, lol. That is how much I loathe gyms. But, I chose this 16 week-get-my-ass-back-in-shape program, and I will go. What I look forward to is a lean, healthy body-- and becoming an avid runner.

Yesterday, I started week three of the program. The trainer that signed us up four weeks ago was there. He  told me that I had slimmed down since he last saw us. *Big smiles here!! I told my husband, and he goes, "So now you have trainers checking you out?" Oh, geez.

Next week, I get measured, and weighed in again! I am pretty excited to see my progress. :)

Since yesterday was a holiday, we went to the gym in the afternoon instead of the evening. So, we saw more trainers that weren't in the evenings. Gym goers were stopping me about my lovely Vibram Five Fingers! I love talking about them, and I am pretty sure that my gym buddy rolls her eyes and silently gags every time I give a motivating spill about them. What can I say? I LOVE them! I want to get more of them..soon.

I've noticed that I am starting to like the elliptical. When were were done with our strength training, and were ready for some cardio to finish; they were all taken. Magically, the stair stepper machines were left open. I was on it for five pathetic minutes before I was like, "to hell with this!" and went to a newly available elliptical, lol. Right now, I am on level two at about 6.5. I go at continuing rate for ten minutes for an intial warm-up before strength training, and then twenty minutes afterwards.

I am going to update my pages with some info-- so check that out soon!


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