Monday, February 28, 2011

Physical Therapy = pain.

Tonight was my first session with my physical therapist. It has been 4.5 years since I was released from active duty with my tibial stress fracture. I lived in PT for almost two years. Now, I get to look at the dreaded tables, and instruments of doom. I joke about my situation, because I would seriously cry if I didn't find the humor. The best I can do is to do my silly hand exercises to strengthen my wrist again. Like holding a sponge to do arm curls. Yes, you saw that correctly. A sponge.

Luckily, I have really good range of motion. It is not perfect, but it is better than I had hoped. I lack a lot of strength, obviously. I am probably going to be stuck in the rut for about 6 months, and I think that is a realistic time frame to fully almost heal. By the way, I won't be doing any ammo can lifts this year-- according to my physical therapist.

Anywhoo, I don't mean to be a debbie-downer in this post, but it is just a hurdle from my goals this year.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cast is off!

Thursday, I got the cast off. The ortho came out with this saw of doom, and you should've seen my wide eyes of horror as he cut through the cast. I was praying that he wouldn't somehow knick me, and magically, he didn't. phew. I was expecting this horrible sweaty stench and rotted skin, (sorry for the imagery, lol) but it was all fine! My poor arm look like it was from an alien. Super skinny, and just weird shaped. My range of motion is awful, and my wrist is still sprained. I didn't just get away with two broken bones, ugh. So, I have physical therapy three times a week, for three weeks, starting Monday. I am sure that I will have a lovely post about that one!

Last night ended week three on my 16 week fitness program!! I am starting to see a difference, especially in my waist. I carry out all my weight in my waist, because I have such a small freaking torso... literally. The bottom of my ribs actually meet the top of my hips. No space in between. I have to workout extra hard to lose the belly flub, and that darn muffin top, lol.

Photo from the Cheescake Factory

But, I am so excited that I am slimming down, and I am starting to feel great. Working out is turning into something that my body has been deeply craving for a while now. We went to the Cheesecake Factory yesterday, and I ordered the girls a childs grilled chicken and vegetables to split, and I seriously wanted their meal. It was the perfect portion size for an adult-- because we all know that their portions for a single meal could feed a family of four, lol. But, I ordered the lunch size portion of the Luau salad.. omg it was soo good. Just make sure you take off the giant fried wontons and have them put the dressing on the side--moderation, people! I honestly couldn't finish the whole thing, and it made me so full for the remainder of the day, that I didn't bother with dinner. Poor waitress, I had to tell her no cheesecake. :/ I really like cheesecake, but I am sure that I would be on the cardio all night if I had one. Bummer.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another Vibram Five Finger blog-- and gym update

So, my workout buddy and I were at the gym again yesterday. Poor girl was sick, but managed to pick me up and get our workout on. Just to let you know, I loathe gyms. Well, I loathe machines, which includes cardio machines. While in the Marine Corps, we mostly trained outside. I prefer being outside. So, I give her mad kudos because if it were me, I would be sitting on the couch, lol. That is how much I loathe gyms. But, I chose this 16 week-get-my-ass-back-in-shape program, and I will go. What I look forward to is a lean, healthy body-- and becoming an avid runner.

Yesterday, I started week three of the program. The trainer that signed us up four weeks ago was there. He  told me that I had slimmed down since he last saw us. *Big smiles here!! I told my husband, and he goes, "So now you have trainers checking you out?" Oh, geez.

Next week, I get measured, and weighed in again! I am pretty excited to see my progress. :)

Since yesterday was a holiday, we went to the gym in the afternoon instead of the evening. So, we saw more trainers that weren't in the evenings. Gym goers were stopping me about my lovely Vibram Five Fingers! I love talking about them, and I am pretty sure that my gym buddy rolls her eyes and silently gags every time I give a motivating spill about them. What can I say? I LOVE them! I want to get more of them..soon.

I've noticed that I am starting to like the elliptical. When were were done with our strength training, and were ready for some cardio to finish; they were all taken. Magically, the stair stepper machines were left open. I was on it for five pathetic minutes before I was like, "to hell with this!" and went to a newly available elliptical, lol. Right now, I am on level two at about 6.5. I go at continuing rate for ten minutes for an intial warm-up before strength training, and then twenty minutes afterwards.

I am going to update my pages with some info-- so check that out soon!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Last night at the gym... {and a giveaway!}

So, I went to my Wednesday night full body workout/cardio as per usual. If you are new to this blog, (which is still fairly new) I am on a 16 week weight loss fitness program at a gym. I am currently in week two of the program. I go Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I get weighed and measured every 4th week. So, that is why I am nolonger doing a weekly weigh-in. The trainers have incorporated a lot strength training that is building my floppy muscles, and it can affect the scales. So, with that being said... welcome to my journey! Oh, and I currently have a broken wrist since 3 weeks ago as of tomorrow.

Anywhoo, as part of my circuit training, I have to do the quad machine, and the hamstring machine. (That is what I call them, lol.) As I get off of the quad machine to do the hamstring machine, a woman jumped on. She looks at me, and goes, "do you want to get on?" I decided to be patient, and told her politely that I would wait. Then, she asks, "Does it hurt to work out with your broken arm?" I was like pshh.. this ole' thing.. (No, I really didn't say that, lol.) But, what I did say was: "No, my trainer doesn't have me working with my arms, so I am good."  About the time I said that, I looked up and saw her teenage daughter standing there. She was missing her right forearm! Completely took me off guard, because here I am talking about my arm to this girls mother, and she is missing a limb. (She was born without it.)

Bottomline, I might gripe and moan about my struggles with a broken wrist in a cast, but at least I know it will heal!

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Hello! Nutrisystem...check this blog out over here!

So, you are probably wondering what the post title was about, and apparently some bloggers out there get to review the Nutrisystem program for free. Hello? I'm a willing participant. Although, that might affect my attempt at extreme couponing...


Anywhoo, I got my toosh handed to me by a 100 pound personal trainer this evening; my first "real" work out on this training program. Now, she had me sweating, and wincing; however, she is definitely not Jillian Michaels. You are probably wondering about my broken arm.. She had to modify my circuit training, and added more cardio. Looking in the mirror, I was definitely beat red at my chest. I was thankful when the hour was done!

Oh, and what happened to last weeks weigh-in? I will get back to you on that! {I ate like a depressed piggy all last week, while moping about my injured wrist--aw, sh*t happens!}

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A little {Bump} in the Road...

Last Friday, (hours after the weigh-in) I fractured my radius and ulna at my wrist. Hold your pee, because I'm about to make you laugh.. I was running in place with my three year old on  black ice our carpet, and lost my footing... fell backwards hard on my hands. A lot of obscenities and a crying frightened preschooler; I managed to have my husband bring me to urgent care. After dealing with the referrals from Tricare, (serious pain in my toosh) and I believe every representative knows my birthdate by heart now.. I finally saw the ortho and got my cast on today. I humored the old guy, and asked for the new water proof cast (no such luck) and got stuck with boring white. I can finally type with my right middle finger, haha! So, please bare with me! Luckily, I will only have it for three weeks. :)

Life has gotten interesting:

1. I can't tie my hair up or my daughters
2. I haven't mastered changing my 17 month olds poopy diaper with my left hand. I am considering potty training, like now.
3. Can't chop vegetables.
4. Driving isn't an option.
5. I can't do the wave thing with both of your arms. (Thank you husband for putting that out there!)

I am seriously thinking of vlogging.

But, I can...

1. Go to the gym. I did get funny stares. C'mon people! My arm is broken, not my legs!!
2. Close the car door with my left hand, and put on my seat belt.
3. Pick up my standing toddler with my left arm. That takes skills, lol!

Other than that, I am a gimp. lol!

What did my prior service recruiter have to say about this? I should be good to go in a few months. I didn't have a gruesome fracture like the ones I googled. So, phew.

Anyone want to guest blog? Anything about health/fitness. Personal journeys are the best kind of stories! Just message me below! :)