Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mmmm... Paleo Treats..

So, recently I was in contact with an amazing Paleo company that serves these delicious treats. Being on such a new lifestyle without sugar can be challenging if you don't know how to manipulate some ingredients. It is simple knowledge with simple ingredients. So after scouring the Internet, I would like to introduce to you, Paleo Treats.

The people at Paleo Treats were super nice in responding to my emails, and I was ultra excited when they sent me an awesome box of samples to try. I mean who doesn't LOVE healthy desserts that are clean? Plus, if you have allergies or sensitive to certain foods in your diet, then no worries there! These have no gluten, no grain, or dairy!

My first taste test was the "Mac Attack". If you're a huge coconut fan, these macroons on steroids are a super treat.

My husband, (who is not Paleo or on a lifestyle journey to well-being) loved the "Brownie Bombs". It made me smile when he gobbled it up, and said, "Not bad!" Which is a HUGE compliment, because he loves his brownies and will critique them. Btw, he is an active duty Marine, and is in good shape. ;) I had one, and was almost in a Cacao coma. I couldn't believe how moist they were.

Others that I tried were "Cacao Now" and "Mustang Bars". Fruity and chocolaty (Cacao), it really hit the sweet spot. Of course these are treats, so try to refrain yourself!

Wanna try them out? I have a really cool link that will get you to their website, and it will save you 5% off your order. How awesome is that? I am all about saving some green.

Click on the link below!

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