Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I am on a cavewoman diet

Well hello there! It is has been a minute since I've last posted, and I've been incredibly busy. I have a full-time job on top of my love for Scentsy, and well, it has kept me pretty tied up. I know I've had this blog for a minute, and just to let you know that my fitness journey is still going.

Things have improved on my end of the world as far as my awakening to my health needs. I still run, and I just revamped my whole eating lifestyle-- just this last week. I have been following the clean eating lifestyle, with some cheats. However, since the Marine Corps half, I've been wanting to improve my run time. I went on a journey of research, and came to this conclusion that will work best for me. I say "me" because my wellness journey may be different than yours. I have food allergies, GI issues, and I proud to say I just found the solution-- at least I hope, for now and forever.

First Stop... Real food

Ladies and Gents.. I've gone Paleo. What the heck is Paleo, you might ask? Well, imagine being on a caveman or woman diet. It is not a "diet" but rather a whole "clean" foods lifestyle-- the way we were designed to eat.  My husband thinks I am constantly changing my "fad diet". The fact is, I am not on a fad diet. I went from eating mainly organic "clean" foods (with the occasional crapola) to a even raw version of my organic "clean" foods. Let me tell you, it has been a lot of discipline involved.

So, I pulled up an awesome website called, "Everyday Paleo". She breaks down the faq's right HERE.  Sarah even has amazing recipes.

So, what have I been eating lately?

Chicken and lots of it. I make a mad lemon rosemary roasting chicken in the crockpot, and the meat lasts for days. I make chicken avocado salad, which I got from Pinterest. I freaking love that site. I eat a lot of salads, and usually with lean chicken or steak-- with even more avocado. I usually have boiled eggs for breakfast and I've gotten acquainted with Rawnola. I have to drink a ton of water.
Goodness, I would go on and on about Paleo, but I am just introducing it to you on this blog. I am still learning as I go, and I will share my wealth of knowledge and recipes as I go on.

If you are interested in changing your old ways, I highly recommend this diet of all ones. It is not a diet, and it is easier to say that, than to say "lifestyle change". I can honestly say, that I don't feel gross, sluggish, bloated anymore. So, hint.. hint.


I learned about Paleo through a friend, but didn't really make the green light until I started Crossfit. Which I found addictive. I am starting to see the changes my body has, and I really love the "box" that I go to. The coaches are so motivating, and I can honestly say that I get more of a workout in a day there, than a whole week at a gym on the hamster wheel.

What does this have to do with my racing? It all goes hand-in-hand. I eat the right way, which gives me lasting energy and fuel for the long haul, and the core body strength to keep me going.

With that said, I am introducing you to the new me. :) Off the record, and the scale doesn't lie.. I lost some weight already. Whoop whoop! :)

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  1. I'm a new follower :)

    I wish I had the discipline to try some "clean eating" I've tried a few times, but it's just so hard! Good luck to you :)