Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I saw my first barefoot runner!

Today, I went and dropped off my little preschooler off, and when I was walking amongst some other mothers; I saw my first barefoot runner! They thought he was crazy, because it was soo stinking cold outside. I gave him an "awesome!" I am a huge fan of barefoot running. I, however, decided to buy the silly looking Vibram Five fingers a few months ago, and I get teased at by my husband. I bring them along to Colorado for Christmas, and my family thought they were hideous. But, you know what? I love them, and they are soo comfortable. They don't feel weird on my little tootsies either!

As a child, my parents were always yelling at me to put on my sneakers before heading out the door to play. Ugh, I hated wearing shoes! Somehow, I managed to slip outside unnoticed, and give my tootsies a true nature walk. I would frolic in the woods, and climb trees-- oh, this is what was meant to be!

When I was in the Marine Corps, I received my first true injury. My poor feet were restricted in these combat boots, (not even my correct size, as I later found out) and I acquired Plantar Fascitis, and Metarsalgia. Then, my sneakers caused my tibial stress fracture, and bilateral shin splints. Running heal to toe method is terrible for our bodies! I will provide some links for you to look at if you are interested..

But, anywhoo, I prefer being barefooted, or in the Vibram way, close to barefoot as you can get aka "minimalist".

{Great Info on Barefoot Running}


  1. I LOVE the Five Fingers shoes! I'm not really a runner, but I love them for what little I do and for hiking. They are amazing for long distances, no crowding or cramping!

  2. I would love to buy a pair of those shoes!! I hate wearing shoes, it seems that I always tend to bruise the ball of my feet while wearing shoes rather than walking barefooted.

  3. hi friend!

    thanks so much for linking up with the military monday blog hop - i hope you'll come back next week, too :)

    i love the five fingers!! my hubby thinks they are hideous too - oh well!


  4. Look into RunAmoks, too. We love our VFFs but go through them QUICK. They wear out within 3-6 months. Which kind of sucks but hey, it's better than wearing sneakers! :P