Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Primal Mud Race recap

This past Saturday, was my first mud obstacle race of the year. I've done two last year, and I can honestly say, you don't know what to expect at each one. After a good friend of mine, suggested that we should do this one for our last get-together before she left for Japan, I went online to scout it out. This is a very new race, and after scoping out their inaugural pictures from this past fall, I couldn't help but be disappointed. I am paying this much to do this on a farm?

I headed over to my friend's house, and slept on a chair, since she was getting prepared for her big move, and we woke up bright and early to head to the race. Upon arriving, I could see it was definitely on a farm. The parking was well organized, and we didn't have to walk several miles just to get to the location. We took before pictures, and I even spotted a meet-up group that I'm in.

 If you've never been to one of these things, you should definitely go. Be a spectator! It is hilarious to see all the costumes people wear to these things. I mean, I saw Thor there, hammer and all. Or the two guys in leopard leotard tutus-- that was an extra bonus. Of course, I couldn't help but spat out b*tch under my breath when I saw the hoochie girls showing their rock hard bods with minimal clothing. My mommy days have definitely taken a toll this body, and yes, I am jealous that my abs will never look the same, lol.

So, I went and grabbed my little packet of goodies. The t-shirt, was pretty lame, and cheap-- I am not going to lie about that. I went to port-o-johns several times to make sure I was not going to have an unexpected surprise on this 4 mile run. Unless, you are hot shot freaking stud at these types of races, this is not your standard 5k plus race. Filled with obstacles, water holes, hidden muck under flattened tall grass, and HUGE foot hills, that make you go to a crawl. Oh, and the snake/groundhog holes. Yes, everything on these races, say.. let's break a bone today. The ironic thing is, I am absolutely addicted to them. I love the victory of finishing a half-marathon, but nothing compares to a damn good muddy obstacle race. The bruises and sore muscles acquired the next day, is proof.

So, anyhoo, my heat was at 9:30 am... and it was an elite heat. Not that I thought I was a complete badass, but simply, all the normal "run for fun" heats were sold out.

When I saw that our first obstacle was 10 foot wall, yeah, I already knew that happy toosh was not going to be able to chicken wing it with my 5'3 frame. So, luckily, this 6'2 dude gave me a lift. I already knew I was in trouble, lol. Pumped and ready to find more obstacles, (it's like a scavenger hunt for me) I picked up pace, and started to run. The ground was uneven with unexpected holes, and it made it brutal on my ankles. I even rolled one. The next obstacle looked a bit daunting. It was a narrow plank that went up to a platform over about 5 to 6 feet over a muddy water pit. My friend balanced beamed it, and I saw the plank wobble, and I knew that I didn't trust myself not to fall in. So, I straddled it to the top. Girls behind us took it to a whole new level. They got on their tummy's and inched wormed it. Quite amusing. Then, up a rope wall, and down, and we were good to go.

More running, hills, perhaps.. and then came the lake. Unusually calm, and there sat 7 rows by 2 of big plastic barrels held down by bobwire. Looking at it, you're like, no big deal... Until you get into the water, and every bit of your body wants to jump out. It is icy cold, and it took my breathe away. My friend, the stronger swimmer, dives head first. I sigh, and make myself follow. I go under one barrel, oh my goodness, this is freaking cold, come up for air, go down, holy crap this is too cold, come up, my chest is tightening, come up, gasp for air.. my breathing is getting harder, and I start to panic. I found the plywood sides, and hoist my chest above water to get my blood circulating again. I look at the few rows I have left, and my friend that is almost finished. I cry, a little help, and was pissed off at myself for feeling weak. I saw the volunteer with the boat, and was like, I got to get out of this water fast. Like a ripping off a bandaid, I push through the barrels, and swam as fast as I could to get the heck out of the water. My legs and arms are frozen, and I am grimacing. But, I did it. Damn you water barrels!

We start running, and this provided much relief to the rest of my body. The blood was finally circulating to my legs, and arms, and I was finally warming up again. My episode in the water left me a bit fatigued, and I knew that it made it harder for the rest of the race.

The sand bag carry was the easiest for me, maybe because I carry my two-year-old a lot. The tires were easy, and the little water holes were fun to cross. There are too many to obstacles to count, but it was fun and challenging. I have to admit, I shouldn't have judged this prior to doing it. I compared it to the Spartan sprint from last year, and this was by far more mental and physical. Once this race gets a lot of feedback, it will spread like wildfire. 4 miles later at 1:31, I was happy to have the cold beer that awaited me. It wasn't the best PR I've had with my previous races, but, eh.. I am sure I'll get better, and running it with a good friend who will be missed.

  Check out: www.primalmudrun.com.

Check out some pics that were taken so far! http://www.sweat-shots.com/p712879884

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