Saturday, December 3, 2011

Getting mentally prepared..

So, I keep reading my runner's mag, reading running blog after blog, completely inspired how fast these b*tches are. Let me tell you, I am a unconventional trainer. In fact, I didn't train for any of the races that I did this year. I was just so happy to make it to the finish line without being the last one... yet, I look at my times again, and I am like.. yeah.. I need to train, lol. I finished my first half-marathon at 2:59. Although, if I had done proper research, I should've watched my diet before, during, and after the race. I had abdominal distress the entire time. After reading up, now I know better. A month later, I decided to do the Spartan Sprint. I believe I ran it in 1:07, and that was a 5k mud obstacle course that required too many burpees than I could count-- oh, and I was doing it with two of my awesome friends. Somehow, we were considered in the top 10 percent for the year, but that is hard to believe. Then, two months later, I decided to "The Down and Dirty" mud 5k obstacle race, and I finished at 38 minutes, 3rd in my barefoot female division. I guess I decided to book it a bit more with the last race. I went home and told my husband.. now imagine if I trained for this! So, here I am..getting mentally to start training. I am seriously chomping at the bits.

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