Thursday, November 24, 2011

Holding myself accountable.

Hello there!!

I've been so l-a-z-y lately, and it is showing. Since August, I've gained 7 pounds, not what I wanted at all. So, I am right back up to 141. *sigh* I could blame the holidays, or the cold; however, I am not. I chose to eat the Halloween candy, I chose to eat the sweets, the pumpkin pie slice.. At least I didn't completely indulge in Thanksgiving dinner, and thankfully my mother-in-law prepares low-fat meals, afterall, she was the host this year. Score one for me! If I was at my mother's house this year, I would be doomed, lol. As I sit and constantly daydream about getting orders back to Hawaii, I noticed one of my friends following a girl on Facebook about her weight loss journey while her husband was deployed right out of Hawaii. I sympathized about her weight issue in Hawaii, and how daunting it can be to be in a bikini on the gorgeous beaches.

When I was stationed in Hawaii, I was originally lean from all the training that I had done. I came there completely confident. Then, my injuries from my feet escalated to my tibias, and then my active lifestyle came to a screeching halt. I couldn't run anymore. And yet, I was still eating at the same rate as if I was running, doing mountain climbers, the obstacle courses, and the hikes that ate away the calories just months before. But, now I was gradually gaining weight that I had never anticipated, eventually climbing to a maximum weight of 156, before I was medically discharged. I felt defeated. I met my husband while on active duty in Hawaii, and I look at pictures of us, and I am so flabergasted on how much I actually put on. When I left Hawaii, I was able to control the amount of food I was intaking, and started to lose the weight. I believe my pregnancy with Miss K saved me from the climbing numbers. Greasy fast food disgusted me, and I craved vegetables and fruit. It took me 8 months into my pregnancy to find out that I had developed gallbladder disease. Which I had to go on a dreadful fat-free diet. I only gained 19 pounds by the time I had her, and I quickly dropped to 140. {Now remember, I am 5'3, so my petite frame shows weight a bit different than someone that is 3 inches taller.}

When my husband deployed to Afghanistan, I went to my inlaw's for a couple months, so they could spend time with their granddaughter. It helped ease some of the time, and I even took some pics of myself for the Mr. and that is when I realized that I need to lose those extra pounds. I just wanted to get back to the lean body that I once had before I got injured. So, when I got back to California, (where we were stationed) to start walking 3 miles a day, and start the Weight Watchers program. I was tickled to get out of my plateau. I finally got down to 130 when I met him at the field. I felt great! Then, I quickly became pregnant, and this time, I couldn't hold down food. I went down to about 126, before the Zofran started to kick in, and I was able to start eating again. The icon of husband and I is me at this weight, and sadly, I still haven't found myself back at 126 since January of 2009.

My goal right now, is to get there by this January. If you read back to the beginning of this blog, I started a 16 week program, which helped me to get to 134, when it was all said and done, and I finished a half-marathon, a Spartan Sprint, and The Down and Dirty mud run obstacle race. Which by the way, I placed 3rd in my barefoot female division. That was in August, and somehow, I managed to gain weight since then. Shame on me. See, I wasn't the fat girl growing up, I was the complete opposite. Right now, I don't feel as healthy as I should be. There is a difference in wanting to be skinny verses wanting to be healthy and lean. I want to be healthy and lean. I don't want my body to carry around extra weight, because my bones can't handle it. I need my muscles to support my bones, so I won't have repeat stress fractures. And the only way that I can have healthy bones, is to excercise and eat right. My achieveable clothes and self-image will soon follow.

So, when I came across Maria's Eat Clean Journey .. it inspired me to take action. I researched this Eat Clean diet program, and I feel confident to start utilize it in my household. I have two little girls that depend on me making the right meal choices for them. I don't want them eating garbage from a box, or fast-food made out of preservatives that mold won't even eat. It is time to start eating clean. :)

With that being said.... I am back!

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