Monday, March 7, 2011

Before and four week picture

Okay, I am being a bit brave, and posting a pic with a before and four week update picture of my fitness progress. I am wearing a sports bra, and if that alarms you-- then, skip this post. I am a bit sad with my upper body, but I've been handicapped since I broke my wrist, and that is my excuse! lol.

Friday, we met with another fitness trainer, and he gave us a kick a-- program. I am sure I will be more pleased with the 8 week photo. I still need to let you all in on my work out routine, so you can try them out yourself. Now, be honest, I need to know if you see any differences in my figure.

I could use some support, lol. :)


  1. I see a difference! You've lost inches off of your waist and your face looks thinner! Great job!!

  2. Ummm yeah, big difference!! You look thinner in the middle, arms, AND face.

    Good job!!

  3. Wow Holly. You are doing so good! You can definitely tell a difference! Even your cast got smaller!! ;)

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